About Avalanche On Demand

What is Avalanche On Demand?

Available with the simplicity and ease of a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) version, Avalanche On Demand provides companies the industry-leading mobile device management software, Avalanche, through the convenience of the Cloud. This ensures a streamlined and effortless implementation, and eliminates the need to install servers.

Powered by a hosted installation of Avalanche, Avalanche On Demand doesn’t require customers to install Avalanche on their own hardware, end-users simply connect to Avalanche "in the Cloud." Mobile devices connect to the Avalanche servers over a fully secure, encrypted connection. End-users simply use a standard web browser to securely access the web-based administration console to manage their devices. The console is designed for usability, making the tasks of device management as streamlined and efficient as possible. No need to worry about hardware configuration, rack space, server maintenance and troubleshooting, or even installing updates.

With Avalanche On Demand, you simply connect and go. Get started today in just three simple steps and immediately reap the benefits of Avalanche On Demand:

  • Eliminate up-front investment
  • Reduce setup/maintenance costs (hosted servers)
  • Subscription pricing
  • Benefit from product improvements without need to download and install updates
  • Maintain control and visibility of all user and device management functions
  • No hardware acquisition
  • No server installation
  • No system configuration
  • Reduce cost of ownership for devices
  • Option to transfer to Avalanche on-premise at any time
  • Administration via Web console


  • Device Info
  • Two-way Device Messaging
  • Alerts
  • Security
  • Locations
  • Device Detail


Avalanche On Demand pricing is based on a monthly, per-device subscription rate. Simply approximate the number of devices you expect to manage each month and set that as your monthly commitment quantity. You don't have to license specific devices, so it doesn't matter if the actual devices are different ones each month. Your commitment quantity is not a hard ceiling either. The system will keep track of how many unique devices connect to the system each month and any overages will simply be billed using the base rate at the beginning of the subsequent billing period.

Number of Devices Monthly Price per Device
1 to 100 $4.00
101 to 1,500 $3.75
1,501 to 3,000 $3.50
3,000 + $3.25