Frequently Asked Questions

How it Works

Avalanche On Demand is powered by a hosted installation of Avalanche. Instead of installing Avalanche on your own servers and hardware, simply connect to Avalanche "in the cloud" with Avalanche On Demand. Mobile devices connect to the Avalanche servers over a fully secure, encrypted connection. Use a standard web browser to securely access the web-based administration console to manage all devices. The console is designed for usability, making the tasks of device management as streamlined and efficient as possible. No need to worry about hardware configuration, rack space, server maintenance and troubleshooting, or even installing updates. With Avalanche On Demand, you simply connect and go.


In addition to all of the security features and protection Avalanche provides, steps are taken within Avalanche On Demand to ensure that it is highly secure and protects customer data. This is accomplished by measures implemented on the server and client levels as well as the communication between them. For example, all communications between the device and the hosted servers are secured using industry-standard AES encryption.

How is data protected?

Customer data is protected using server authentication and data encryption. Wavelink has designed Avalanche On Demand to ensure each customer’s information is safe, secure, and accessible only by authorized users for each company. Customers are segregated on the Wavelink system so that one customer’s data is completely inaccessible to other companies. Wavelink’s Data Protection Policy.

Can I try out the service before paying?

Yes, we can arrange demos as needed. Please contact a Wavelink Sales Representative for more information.


Billing is based upon actual usage compared to the number of subscribed devices for a customer. Additional devices can be managed at any time but new subscriptions will take effect in the next billing cycle and overages (devices managed beyond the quantity subscribed) will be charged monthly for credit card accounts and quarterly service contract accounts.

How do I learn more about reselling Avalanche On Demand?

Visit our reseller page or contact a Wavelink Sales Representative

Technical Requirements

Device connectivity - The devices to be managed must have connectivity over the internet to the hosted Avalanche On Demand servers.

Browser connectivity – Any computer or device that will use the Avalanche Console needs to have a compatible browser with connectivity to the Avalanche On Demand servers. No software needs to be installed to access the Console.

Other Questions

For other questions about Avalanche On Demand, please contact a Wavelink Sales Representative.