Resell Avalanche On Demand

  • Flexible, web-based customer administration
  • Ability to layer value-added services for your customers
  • Industry-standard Security. Read more
  • Annual contract with no setup fees
  • Subscription pricing
  • Volume breaks based on cross-customer totals
  • Annual billing based on monthly usage
  • Billing visibility for resellers only
  • Detailed Customer Usage Reporting

Avalanche On Demand offers a unique opportunity for resellers to combine the power of Avalanche in a flexible cloud-based SaaS delivery model with their own value-added services. As a reseller, you simply register by applying for an Avalanche On Demand service contract and then start adding your customers to your master account. You can even set up your own internal "customers" for testing purposes.


Volume discounts are calculated for you as a reseller based on the cumulative device commitments across all of your customers. Billing in this model is entirely between Wavelink and you as the reseller. Wavelink bills you directly for Avalanche On Demand, allowing you to mark up the price you charge your customers if you are also delivering value-added services. You maintain complete control over the relationship with your customer, including all pricing, billing, and service agreements. For more information, please contact your Wavelink Sales Representative.

Terms and Conditions

To view the Terms and Conditions that must be signed prior to account activation, click here.

Apply for a Service Contract

Monthly Device Commitment What's this?
$4.00 How is this calculated?
Based on required annual contract
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The information you provide will appear on the service contract that must be signed by an authorized company officer and approved by Wavelink Corp. before your account is activated. A copy of the contract will be emailed to the Billing Contact email address shown below.

Billing Contact

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